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The internet has become a pipeline for information, knowledge and business. Growth of smartphones, widespread use and cheaper availability of internet in India has helped the population get access to services and products that was so difficult in the pre-internet days. Even businesses are benefiting because the internet helps them reach out to more customers at the lowest cost. It is in this background that askranchi.com has launched its services to help people of Ranchi and serve as a conduit for services and businesses in the city.

Ask Ranchi is the brainchild of professionals from IT, business, marketing and services. The internet is no doubt a great way to find services and products. However, the issue is that search results may be nationwide or even international and that is of no help for people in cities like Ranchi who may be looking for local suppliers. That is one reason that prompted us to develop a channel specifically dedicated to Ranchi and its surrounding areas. We wish to serve the people of Ranchi and bring a unique platform where they can find the specific type of service or product from local sources. Ask Ranchi is the result. It is a free platform with no strings attached. One can use mobile or desktop computers to find what one needs in and around Ranchi in just a few minutes.

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Helping people find products and services

People of Ranchi need a variety of products and services. They may wish to buy a certain product from a local store instead of buying it online. However, they may not know about where such a supplier is located. They may need services of baby sitter, electrician, plumber or repairman or interior decorator but there is no way of finding out the nearest one or the most suitable one. Ask Ranchi is where they can find precisely what they need in a fast and simple way. The best thing about Ask Ranchi is that it is not absolutely necessary to access the internet. A helpline number can be called and a helpful attendant will provide specific information according to the requirement.

Helping services and sellers find buyers and gain more exposure

Ask Ranchi is designed to be a meeting place and a two way channel. There are hundreds of sellers of products and there are hundreds of people providing a variety of services. These vendors and service providers can get more business and earn more by registering on AskRanchi.com. Ask Ranchi helps them to be found easily and connects them with people. They do not have to worry about advertising or marketing. AskRanchi pipes inquiries right to their doorstep and they can be assured of regular business. Ask Ranchi is fully committed to help the small trader and service provider grow by getting increased business through its channel.

Who is it for?

Ask Ranchi is for the people of Ranchi to find out sellers and service providers with the least effort. Ask Ranchi verifies all sellers and service providers and gives peace of mind.
Ask Ranchi is for service providers and traders of Ranchi. We welcome everyone in the following categories to use Ask Ranchi to increase their business:
• Small traders and retail shop owners and vendors of daily consumables
• Carpenters
• Plumbers
• Electricians
• Masons, labor contractors
• Housekeeping services, maid services
• Doctors, hospitals, healthcare providers, nurses
• Travel agents, bus and railway ticketing agents, tour organizers, taxis for hire
• Builders and renovators, interior decorators, architects
• Computer sellers and repairers
• Mobile sellers and repairers
• Hardware sellers and services
• Wedding services, event managers
• Couriers, packers, movers, logistics, transport
• Laundry, tailors, dress designers
• Tuition classes
…And more

Ask Ranchi is more than just an online Ranchi Yellow Pages

Anyone can browse our site and find the seller or service provider they need. Services and sellers can gain wider exposure and regular business. Ask Ranchi goes beyond this: • People can leave feedback and reviews about sellers and services that will give a true rating and help other people make the right decision. This type of review will also encourage sellers and services to give their best services and satisfy customers. One satisfied customer can recommend a service provider and another one intending to avail a service can ask the customer about his experience. AskRanchi emphasizes the importance of reviews for the purpose of providing guidance to people and to keep service providers on the path of providing excellent services. • Even individuals can register and start a new business of selling products or providing services. • Ask Ranchi verifies all sellers and services to assure confidence in the mind of people. If you are going through askranchi.com you know that you are getting a reliable product or a trusted service provider. • Ask Ranchi will also feature upcoming events in Ranchi and it will help people participate as well as help services gear themselves up and take advantage of such events.

How askRanchi benefits you

People of Ranchi looking for products or services need not waste time online in general searches. Ask Ranchi is Ranchi-specific and displays only products and services in and around Ranchi. Besides searching askranchi.com site, users who are not familiar can simply use telephone services to request a service and their request will be passed on to the right person in their locality. It is cost and time saving, especially for business professionals who cannot spare time to go in search of the right seller or service provider. Sellers and service providers gain more exposure on Askranchi.com and do not have to spend money on advertising or publicity. Askranchi does it all for them and drives business to their doorstep while they can focus on their products or services and serve more people. They earn more with Askranchi's help. Askranchi ushers in a better tomorrow for the citizens of Ranchi through its service portal. It will make life easy for them. It will bring them together and people can even make use of it to get to know each other making Ranchi a big happy family.

Our service extends from providing address and contact details of business establishments around the Ranchi, to making orders and reservations for leisure, medical, financial, travel and domestic purposes.

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